Provide a fully branded experience for you customers, attendees or members to log in to your venue and digitally sign your Covid Register. Seven Clouds can provide a SAAS based solution for you that provides for scanning a custom branded QR code on the individuals mobile phone, or a by entering a simple short url to go directly to that sign in register securely.

Now when you need to provide the Australian Government those contact tracing details, they are readily available for you to pull down all those details.

So how does this all work then? 

sevenclouds qr code

Simply put up the QR codes, (We will provide you a document template) for these around your venue and instruct your attendees to scan them when they arrive at the venue.

  • Put it up in the gymnasium and ensure that they scan and register when they arrive. 
  • Put it up at the front of the club rooms and make sure everybody scans as they come through the door.
  • Put it up on the entry gates have it scanned as they come into the venue.
  • The options are endless......
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The cost associated with setting up the Covid Safe Attendee Register for your venue to the end of 2020 is AU$59.00. If you would like to proceed, please enter the details below, pay with credit card or paypal, and we will be in touch with you for you logo details etc.

We will be in contact with you through the email or phone number you provide in the payment dialogue below.